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BMX has been in Singapore for more than 40 years. It started because some kids on those old Yamaha Moto-Bikes in the late 1970s wanted to do something akin to what the real motorbikes were doing--motocross. Races started happening in 1983 in a section of Singapore called Tuas, a big sandy place that was very often waterlogged and not to mention hot as hell. There were not a whole lot of bikes to choose from then. The most popular bikes were Kuwaharas and RedLines. There were a scattering of bikes made by Skyway and the occasional Schwinn. BMX was here to stay, well at least until 1985 when it began to peter out.

BMX began a new resurgence in Singapore in 1998 when John Tan, a volunteer and Vice President of SACA (Singapore Amateur Cycling Association) started to organise BMX races again. With a handful of volunteers, some solid backing by bicycle dealers, BMX was brought back into the fold. Some of the old schoolers from the 1980s got their interest back. Clinics were run by these old schoolers, trophies and sponsored prizes were ordered and won by the racers at the races and even Ministers of Parliament were invited down to see the races. BMX was back and will continue to be so.

This website is dedicated to the group of BMX old-schoolers, volunteers and bike dealers who made BMX in Singapore what it is today. It would have been an impossible dream if not for them. So once again, welcome to the site to see what Singapore BMX is all about.

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